A Film That Says It All About Passenger Trains

Screen director and producer Rebecca Autumn Sansom’s new film entitled Trainsforming America is an eye opening and thought provoking one that features passenger trains and train travelers in America and Europe.

It compares the lifestyle experiences associated with a trip by train to trips by automobile. Travelers of all ages are interviewed at many of the iconic train stations in England, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. One also catches snippets of conversations with people on board the modern high speed trains that run throughout these countries followed by the comments of American travelers where high speed rail does not currently exist.

Trainsforming America reveals the nuances of purchasing train tickets, the lifestyle conveniences of living near a train station, and the rich, vibrant, life-enhancing, social and cultural interactions experienced while traveling by train. It touches on the origination of “extreme commuting” and traveling in and around Atlanta as an example of transportation in America, and touts the economic benefits to the towns that are connected via train.

Trainsforming America also hints about the future of train transportation plans in the United States and features cameo appearances by forward-thinking VIPs at a recent worldwide conference staged by the US High Speed Rail Association. Trainsforming America sums up many of the issues surrounding transportation including:

  • Increased health
  • Increased reasons for walking
  • Decrease in travel related stress and job strain
  • Increased social life
  • The impact of pollution intake
  • Decrease in obesity
  • Long term planning issues
  • Population growth
  • Climate change
  • Iraq and oil dependence

Don’t miss Trainsforming America. We give it two thumbs up!

Emy and Nancy
Authors of Fast Trains: America’s High Speed Future

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“Signing Books at the Speed of High Speed Rail!”

Washington, D.C. is a city of monuments, museums, modern mass transit and taxis, embassies, fancy restaurants and nightclubs, lots of government buildings and government workers, and at least one really great bistro that is also a wonderful community gathering spot and bookstore.  This bookstore lies in the heart of our nation’s capital and is called Busboys & Poets.  And a really nice, neat, well-run, and fabulous place it is.  I know this because I and “Fast Trains” fellow writer Emy Louie got to spend almost a whole evening there this past Sunday.  We spent it enjoyably promoting, selling, and signing our book to eager bookstore patrons and lovers of high speed rail.  And I don’t mind saying, it was a blast!

Located at 5th and K Street along a scenic, shopping stretch of town, Busboys & Poets is one of those cool kinds of spots where D.C. players and sophisticated patrons often to go to meet, see and be seen.  It’s quite charming, too, and friendly, as is everyone who works at the eatery who did so much to make our book signing the success it was.  For yes, we sold lots of books.  And yes, we met lots of really nice people and power-players in the high speed rail industry as well as individuals sincerely interested in learning about HSR and the many benefits it can bring to America.

Emy and I can’t wait until the next book signing event.  Keep your eye on our blog here and we’ll let you know soon when it will be.

And a special thanks goes out to our illustrious agent Thomas Hart who set it all up for us and served as a moderator and keynote speaker leading a lively discussion on the status of high speed rail in America, which was followed by a challenging Q&A. Thomas is so connected and well respected in this whole Washington D.C. scene, not to mention Capitol Hill. I feel honored to have him on our team and to also call him my friend.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t done so yet, check out our amazon.com site and a few of the book reviews there about Fast Trains.  You can do this by clicking here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00847FNNK.  Our book is filled with so many beautiful and historical photographs and illustrations as well as lots of fun stories about trains, railroads, and high speed trains to read about.

On the other hand, if you can attend, Emy Louie and I would love to meet you and personally sign your copy of Fast Trains. And, by special request, we will be happy to sign copies and arrange for a special shipment directly to you. Drop me an email at nancy.bolts@gmail.com and I will make this happen. In fact, we just shipped a couple of autographed books to one of our LinkedIn friends in New York. not too far away from this whole fabulous D.C. experience.

Nancy Bolts, Co-Author of “Fast Trains: America’s High Speed Future”

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